September 8, 2013

It is fall, so it must be....a new capsule time!

Fall is in the air around me in Southern Ontario.  The evenings are cool, the days warm, and now I turn to thinking about sewing.

I've been sewing, even though I fail at pictures.  Just a few pieces here and there.  I made a couple of fabulous cardigan sets, one in a red plum and one in a fabulous flowered print that my youngest called upscale Hawaiian (which it definitely is!), and one in a flower etched white stretch velvet.  All three of them are using different cardigans from the StyleArc patterns, and they are all awesome. Along with two different bottoms from rayon polyester crepe (a pair of one seam pants in a narrower leg width, and a pull on skirt with a flared bottom), and a pair of pink stretch denim pants, I think I have a full 8 (or 9) pack. And, even better, they are not all black.

But the real bonus is that they all go with the things I had made previously--like my teal sylearc skirt with the fold over waist band, my dark blue Barb pants, and my denim capris.  I love how sewing smart just adds to my options now.  I have done enough planning, enough thinning and have a good sense of my own style, so now things are beginning to work together even if I only make one or two pieces.

So fall is in the air, and I think I need to add a few dressier pieces to my wardrobe.

I've been thinking along the lines of using some dark grey rayon poly lycra to make a real suit jacket (from stylearc), a pair of dress pants or two, and a skirt.  And then to use some of my lovely embroidered cottons to make a few dress shirts.  I don't have many of those in my wardrobe at the moment, and I have two different patterns to try. These will mix and match with what I have, and give me a little more of a grown up vibe.  Which isn't a bad thing for a teacher.

StyleArc Sarah jacket
Leah Lounge Pants
Brenda Blouse--I think in white and in black would be awesome. 
Tiffany Blouse--in a soft plum or deep red

If I get even half of this done, I will be doing well.