July 18, 2014

Long time, no post!


Last November, I took over as Youth Group Leader, and that killed all forward momentum as far as sewing was concerned, along with all knitting and almost all other forms of creative life.  I said I would be able to do the job until February; they hired a lovely replacement for me as of the end of May.  She is a fabulous replacement, and will be excellent at the job.  I really like her, and so do the kids which is the important thing.  

I survived writing a novel, and a novella, having my child register for University nearly six hours away, and we have almost  almost bought a house.  Paperwork continues to take left turns, but we are buying a house.

Now, I am going back to sewing (and writing), as much because I have to decide to either move it or lose it, and there is a contest to use stashed patterns at the moment.  Sew sew sew.

I have been totally inspired by Vivienne's Starting from Scratch series.  A fellow blogger has summarized all the post links  and given a link to the discussion on Stitcher's Guild, too.  And you can buy the wardrobe guides (which you should because they are awesome).  So between this inspiration and the contests, and the fact that I have time in between packing boxes, I am sewing.

Some sewing was successful, and will have pictures.  Some of it will not.

On my current fail and give up on the pattern because I do not want to move it list:
1.  Scout Tshirt, loved by many, but it did not work for my body.  It was bad, so bad I threw the garment in the trash.  I did not enter it into the pattern stash contest.  It is well drafted.  It is a great pattern.  I am short and curved; it is neither.  I looked like I was wearing a sac.  It had straight side seams.  

2.  Favourite Top Pattern
I'm sad this one was a fail because it is comfortable and loose and perfect for a summer top.  Unfortunately, it is straight and square, and I am short and curved.  I will put up a picture because it is a great pattern.  It just doesn't work on me.

3.  Tank Top
This one is maddening because it should work.  I ordered a pattern based on my measurements but did not make a couple of needed adjustments.  It has straight sides.  I do not.  The armholes were too low (right--remember those adjustments?  this was part of them), the top was too short, the sides were too straight.

Recognize a pattern here?  Yeah, by now, I should, too.

Oh, but there were also sucesses!

1.  These pants
Fabulous!  Muslin fit first time out.  Final pants needed about a half inch scoop in the back, and the front waistband lowered for my tilted waist, an adjustment that I need to do for nearly every pair of pants.  But, length, waist size, hip size, proportions, drafting--all excellent and looks great on me.  And they are so comfortable.  These are on my make again list.

2.  These One Seams
Yes, they look like pj pants (and one seams are really pj pants when all is said and done), but I am wearing them right now.  Minor changes at the waist, same as above, and otherwise fabulous.  I will be making more of these.  These are narrow leg pull on pants.

3.  The White Shirt
This one was awesome.  I finally figured out I should start with a free pattern to determine my adjustments.  I've worn this shirt a couple of days now, and it is really comfortable.  The only thing is that the sleeve pattern was three inches too short--easy to fix (and check for on further patterns).

4.  The T-shirt
Fabulous pattern, fabulous drafting, fits perfectly.  Drafted for petites.  Free.   I love it.  I will be making many more.

5.  Maxi Skirt  
Love it.  Fits as is, no changes.   Double layer skirt.  Will make more than one. 

So, tomorrow when I wash the shirt, pictures.