June 8, 2013

The only problem with using a base colour...

I've been sewing a variation of a six pack for about three years now, and I can say that the only problem with it is that I am getting tired of my base colour.  When I run out of clean clothes, what is left in the closet is all black.  Or dark grey, or plum.  But, mostly it is black.  

It makes getting dressed easier--since it all goes together.
It makes doing laundry easier--it is all the same colour, and works in the washing machine. 
It makes sewing new stuff easier--black thread, here I come.

But, I can see how someone would get tired of a colour.   Even though it is practical, and I like it, and it all goes together, I am getting a little tired of black.  It is just so...dark.   This morning,  I tried to force myself to branch out, to lighten up a little.  That resulted in a  dark plum outfit (top, pants, runa). Which is still lighter than black, but it is dark.  Then, I made a pull on knit skirt, of a black rib knit.  It used the stash, and is comfortable, but...it is black. 

I really think I need to branch out and lighten up a lot.  Maybe a little teal, or green, or grey for summer time is in order.   I may have to go shopping. 

Pictures of my summer 6 pack this week, I promise. 

June 5, 2013

Things I don't think I told you, dear reader...

I don't think I ever told anyone that I was doing a year of 'Living Sewingly' including you, dear reader. I started in November, last year.  With the exception of coats, socks and possibly underwear, I am choosing to make, not purchase, what I need to wear.  When I need something new, I need to go down to that amazing stash and sew it!  I can purchase patterns, and limited amounts of fabric, but otherwise the list includes socks, coats and under garments. 

In the last 9 months,  the only clothing I have purchased was two coats--one a convertible sports style, because I was cold and I needed a coat while out of town, and one that is a trench style rain coat.  The trench style rain coat is the very first item I have purchased full price since I can't remember when.  But, it fits, it is flattering, and I love it.  And, I can see me wearing it for a very long time, because it is not too small to wear over my hips, or over a sweater, and I have worn it four times since I purchased it. 

I am learning, with this exercise, that I don't need to cycle items through my wardrobe, which is what I do when I purchase second hand.  I have enough, with what is there, that I can let go of things that don't fit.  If I truly love something, if it is flattering and I know I will wear it, I can afford to purchase full price.  Since very rarely do things fit, it isn't a problem I am going to have often.

Since the clothes I make fit best, and I can make things that are awesome, living sewingly is not a real challenge, except...I am lazy. 

I like to make 'doll clothes'!  I like to make it tonight and wear it tomorrow, even if no one but me knows I did that.  I hate making things that take more than three sessions to make.  Because, I am lazy and usually don't usually have three sessions to make things.  Since I wear what I sew, and I like simple clothes, that isn't normally an issue.  But, I need to make myself expand my own horizons.  Isn't that the point of sewing--to make things that are not cookie cutter? 

June 3, 2013

The People who make a difference...

The People who make a difference
are the ones who show up.
They are the ones who come
to graduations
and funerals,
to see dances,
and solos,
and confirmations.
They are the ones who call
when they can't get there,
the ones who at least try.
They don't make excuses;
They make things happen.
They are there when it matters,
when you need a friend,
when you need a shoulder,
when you need an ear,
and a swift kick in the pants.
They will tell you when you are wrong,
so when they tell you you are right,
it means a lot more.
They don't leave you deciding
just never to ask again,
even if it is the first solo in public,
the graduation,
the confirmation,
 the first big stage role.
Once, long ago, those others showed up.
They made an effort.
You don't know when it changed.
You don't know why.
Maybe it is you; maybe it is not.
But now, you ask because you have to ask,
since they are 'family by birth'.
You know, in your head,
they have voted with their feet. 
They won't be there,
even when it is something that matters
in the eyes of a child.
But you ask any way. 
Because it matters;
And the broken angry heart is yours
because they used to tell you that
'family is there for each other'
and your child's,
because they aren't there for her,
even if she is family,
and there is
you can do about it.
It is always because
they don't feel well,
or they can't get up even to call
on the phone.
They don't send cards.
They don't connect.
And you lose a little more hope
every time some thing comes up.
But, there are also
the ones who make a difference.
the family who chose you
the ones who show up. 
They laugh at your jokes,
remind you to take pictures when it is an event.
You look at their faces, and realize
that these ones,
the ones who choose to be there,
have become
the people who make a difference.