June 5, 2013

Things I don't think I told you, dear reader...

I don't think I ever told anyone that I was doing a year of 'Living Sewingly' including you, dear reader. I started in November, last year.  With the exception of coats, socks and possibly underwear, I am choosing to make, not purchase, what I need to wear.  When I need something new, I need to go down to that amazing stash and sew it!  I can purchase patterns, and limited amounts of fabric, but otherwise the list includes socks, coats and under garments. 

In the last 9 months,  the only clothing I have purchased was two coats--one a convertible sports style, because I was cold and I needed a coat while out of town, and one that is a trench style rain coat.  The trench style rain coat is the very first item I have purchased full price since I can't remember when.  But, it fits, it is flattering, and I love it.  And, I can see me wearing it for a very long time, because it is not too small to wear over my hips, or over a sweater, and I have worn it four times since I purchased it. 

I am learning, with this exercise, that I don't need to cycle items through my wardrobe, which is what I do when I purchase second hand.  I have enough, with what is there, that I can let go of things that don't fit.  If I truly love something, if it is flattering and I know I will wear it, I can afford to purchase full price.  Since very rarely do things fit, it isn't a problem I am going to have often.

Since the clothes I make fit best, and I can make things that are awesome, living sewingly is not a real challenge, except...I am lazy. 

I like to make 'doll clothes'!  I like to make it tonight and wear it tomorrow, even if no one but me knows I did that.  I hate making things that take more than three sessions to make.  Because, I am lazy and usually don't usually have three sessions to make things.  Since I wear what I sew, and I like simple clothes, that isn't normally an issue.  But, I need to make myself expand my own horizons.  Isn't that the point of sewing--to make things that are not cookie cutter? 

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Gillian said...

Oh gosh, you sound just like me! I've been doing the Seamless Pledge since New Years, not buying any clothing... and I really love being able to whip up basics in an hour or two and wear them the next day! I've totally lost patience for anything that needs a lining or zipper or complex fitting... I just want my clothes NOW! :P