June 8, 2013

The only problem with using a base colour...

I've been sewing a variation of a six pack for about three years now, and I can say that the only problem with it is that I am getting tired of my base colour.  When I run out of clean clothes, what is left in the closet is all black.  Or dark grey, or plum.  But, mostly it is black.  

It makes getting dressed easier--since it all goes together.
It makes doing laundry easier--it is all the same colour, and works in the washing machine. 
It makes sewing new stuff easier--black thread, here I come.

But, I can see how someone would get tired of a colour.   Even though it is practical, and I like it, and it all goes together, I am getting a little tired of black.  It is just so...dark.   This morning,  I tried to force myself to branch out, to lighten up a little.  That resulted in a  dark plum outfit (top, pants, runa). Which is still lighter than black, but it is dark.  Then, I made a pull on knit skirt, of a black rib knit.  It used the stash, and is comfortable, but...it is black. 

I really think I need to branch out and lighten up a lot.  Maybe a little teal, or green, or grey for summer time is in order.   I may have to go shopping. 

Pictures of my summer 6 pack this week, I promise. 


Gillian said...

Hmmm - Maybe you could whip up a few tank tops and tees for summer in brighter colours? I really like Maria of Denmarks PDF patterns - cheap and easy and really nice fits!

SewRuthie said...

Since you have all that balck stuff already, why not add some knit tees in prints which incorporate a colour and a bit of black?