February 16, 2006

Olympics Commentary

Kaffe Fasset: Well, Deborah, after two disheartening false starts, Beth seems to be picking up steam on her Olympic Knitting event. She has passed the sleeve divide, and is working at significant speed for the intarsia front portion of her Olympic challenge.

Deborah Newton: Yes, Kaffe. Beth is competing in the very challenging 'Design your own' category, for the Canadian Knitting Team. Her project is a top-down sweater, in her team colours, using Paton's winter white and deep red. Her sweater includes some very challenging elements, a definite step up in complexity for this long time knitting designer.

Kaffe: Tell us a little more about these elements, Deborah.

Deborah: Beth's sweater incorporates a significant self designed, center front intarsia portion, the maple leaf, as well as intarsia insets along the body and under the arms . She is using the 'intarsia in the round technique', a new personal challenge. She also significantly stepped up the complexity of the design by incorporating a totally reversible ribbing pattern known as Fireman's rib, or Ladder Ribbing. The neck also includes a short-row portion to raise the back of the sweater for comfort.

Technical Notes:

Patons Decor, Winter White and Deep Red for contrast.
4.5 mm needles
Single circular needle technique for whole sweater.

Cast on 90 sts, with white. Start Ladder ribbing (multiple of 6 sts)
row 1: K3, P3 across round
row 2: K1, P1 across round
Knit 11 rows, ending with row 1. Change to main colour.
Dividing round: PM (place marker), K5, PM, k20, PM for center front, k20, PM, k5, k40.

Technical notes to be continued...


Erin said...

Great sweater! Intarsia in the round...makes me dizzy just thinking about it... :) Way to handle the freezing-rain-locked-school hurdle, too. I think I'd have cried! Keep on truckin...

maggieBB said...

wow - looking fantastic!

I almost spent the day knitting thanks to the freezing rain... but my school wasn't locked, so I was able to retrieve my studying materials for tomorrow's exam... probably for the best... but the knitting has been very tempting!