June 21, 2006

Hats, again

Just like Dad's favourite, I thought it would be fun to make a little watch cap style preemie hat. This is just like the k2 p2 wonders, only scaled down a lot. The ribbing lets it fit a lot of different babies, and it is fun and easy to make.

Size: small (fits an orange) medium (fits a large apple), newborn
3.5 mm needles (double points or one long circular), small amount of sports weight wool.

Cast on 36 (40, 48) sts. Join, k2 p2 around row. Continue until hat is 5 1/2 (6, 6 1/2) inches in length, to decreases.
Decrease round 1: k2, p2 tog, around round.
Continue K2, p1 for 4 rounds.
K1, p2 tog around round.
K1 p1 for two rounds.
K2 tog around rounds until 10 sts remain. Cut yarn and sew through remaining sts, pulling the hole tight. Sew in ends. Fold up cuff.

This one is fun to use up lots of stash wool, since stripes are so much fun!

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