February 9, 2007

Once a month, whether I need to or not...

I actually write a blog entry. Since I am trying to do way too many things, this can be a challenge.

Today, I am wearing my handmade cream sweater, made from the leftovers of my knitting olympic challenge. I finished my very first set in sleeve sweater in the round last week--that was WAY cool to do, as I have never cut a steek before (nerve wracking, ladies, nerve wracking!).

I am participating in a number of groups at work (groups aimed at spending money; groups aimed at making the transitions between grades and schools easier in a second language, groups just for the sake of groups), as well as updating my own, and my two school's websites. Needless to say, knitting and actually taking the pictures and posting them is turning into a challenge.

Here is my work website:

There are a number of great knitting links on the knitting page. Check it out.

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