July 22, 2007

Phil the phenomonally phatt phoenix

Nicole, of course 'needed' a wardrobe,too. So, down she descended to the dungeon, and up she came with fabric and a plan. This, lovely, lovely bird is her 'accessory' (in the spirit of Harry Potter). She adapted a duck puppet pattern into Phil the phenomonally phatt phoenix! I had nothing to do with this--she totally did this on her own, and let me tell you, I am impressed.

Phil, minus crest and tail feathers, being faithfully stitched up. Nicole and Julian took about an hour to find the perfect button eyes for Phil--and I am still finding buttons on my kitchen floor.

Nicole is wearing her first 'wardrobe' top in this picture, just to prove that Phil is a perfect 'accessory' for her wardrobe. (Ok, I am not a teenager, but, I am still impressed....)

In the spirit of Harry Potter, Phil enjoyed many festivities at our local bookstore waiting for Harry Potter number 7 to come out.

The yellow top she is wearing is one of her wardrobe tops. She cloned the pattern from a favourite top, and made two. The full pants are a PMB pattern, that she loves. The skirt, she cloned from one her Auntie made for her, and then she painted it with paints mixed with fabric medium. It washes well. She has also completed a striped top (no pictures yet) which needed minor surgery to be made large enough. The top she cloned it from was super stretchy lycra, and the fabric she used was not as stretchy. Oh, yeah, and Phil. Now, she is onto the shorts and tank tops...

Not to be outdone, Julian, my nephew, has completed his first FOUR pairs of pants. Yes, FOUR pairs of pants. They have side seam pockets, and elastic waists. Two of the pairs have fancy front pockets too. Julian is a beginner, and his topstitching is great. He didn't have fun with the grey fabric, though; it was very stretchy.

This is a close up of his first 'mock fly' with topstitching.

He has completed a pair of navy twill dress pants, a pair of light grey sweat pants, a pair of grey pants with extremely cool pockets and a pair of denim pants with fancy pockets (working on pictures for that pair.). This was week one of sewing camp, and he had never done 'pants' before.

He has a plan to finish 4 t-shirts, and 3 dress shirts this week, along with a water bottle bag, for the wardrobe contest. Who am I to say no???

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