March 20, 2010

The spinning wheel--part 2

I made the flyer assembly holder, and it works when it is all strung together.  Or at least, everything moves the way it is supposed to when you move the wheel.  Tee hee.

Pithy notes:

 The flyer assembly has an elbow with a t attached.  The T goes onto the top of the wheel upright.  I cut the connector piece about 2" long, just long enough to connect the two pieces with very little showing, which lets the flyer assembly be directly above the wheel.  The upright part where the front of the flyer assembly sits is 4" long. On the top of this upright, I drilled a part hole (with difficulty!), and then madly sanded the whole thing, because it was rough and would make a mess.  It sits nicely in the depression now.

The piece connecting the t to the back elbow is 4" long, and can be adjusted back and forth so it will be in the right position for the flyer.  The hole for the back upright to line the whole thing up is at the 4" mark; it is a 3/8" hole so there is a little bit of movement for putting the flyer assembly into the flyer holder. I still need a brake assembly on the back of the flyer assembly holder, but that will happen tomorrow. 

Still thinking through the footman and pedal assembly.  My wheel doesn't turn on the front post--the post goes through the whole thing, and doesn't move, so the plan to attach the footman drive to the post won't work.  I need to drill a hole in the wheel to attach a footman upright and the pedal.  But, I can see it working. 

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