December 5, 2010

Best Laid plans...and all that

We all know about plans--right?  How they rarely survive past the first stage of planning because something happens?  A change of plan because of boredom, fabric choice, pattern get the picture. My wardrobe seems to be suffering from Best Laid Plans syndrome.  At least, though, everything is still black.

I did make a black top. 

It wasn't the top I was expecting to make, but that happens, apparently more often than I though.  It is black, it is knit, and it fits.  I think I changed my mind about the wrap top, partially because I was lazy and partly because I was bored.  After reading about tie neck tops, and how well they work in Carolyn's wardrobe,  I wanted to try making a v neck tie top.  Hers are sleeveless.  Mine has long sleeves, a v neck,  and ties that measured 30" by 4 1/2" cut. 

The only things I would change would be to make the v two inches lower, so that the neck isn't so high on me, and to shorten the ties; I'm short.  I don't need 30" of tie, more like 27".  The top is a PMB5 draft, with slightly too much ease.  It was drafted for wovens, with 2" of ease; I made the top from a nice stable knit, and it doesn't need that much ease on me, so I took it in about 2".  But, otherwise, looking good.  The tshirt draft is a really nice draft in the new pmb, much better than the old draft.  The lengths are good, and the shoulder curve is lovely. 

Now to make that top again in something red, and sleeveless. 

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