June 14, 2011

Long time, no chat

Wow!  I have been away a long time.  It is report card evening, and I am procrastinating.  Back to sewing, and I will also chat a little about my knitting.

On the sewing front--I'm going to do a Spring and a Summer 6 pack in the next couple of weeks.  For those who don't know, the original idea is here.  I love the idea, and the basics are great.  I've been wearing the pieces I made at Christmas every day. On the great side for this system of wardrobing: I can get dressed in 5 minutes.  On the not so great side--everything I currently wear is black or dark brown.

I really need to lighten everything up for summer.  I am tired of black and brown.  For this round, my base colours are black, bright blue, stone, and white.  The summer wardrobe will include some lemon yellow, and plums and pinks, just because I like them.  I need summer basics of all kinds, badly.  I currently own one pair of black capris, one pair of denim shorts that are far too short to wear to teach in at school, and one black sleeveless tie shell.  I need to fill out some warm weather work clothes, and some warm weather casual clothes. 

Trousers (neutral)--pull on yoga pants, in cotton lycra/spandex blend, in my blue base.
Blouse/top to match--sleeveless tie shell, in matching blue cotton knit
Blouse/top to complement--vogue cowl pattern, in wild blue/pink/plum print knit
Blouse/top to complement--printed georgette tie shell, sleeveless
1 Layering top/cardigan (to match skirt/trousers)--blue knit draped front sweater coat; made from a really cool ruffled sofa throw that exactly matches my cotton lycra blend. 
Jacket (co-ordinating neutral)--this one will be my tnt jacket, with a zipper and pockets, out of matching fabric to the pants. 
Additional pieces?
--draped neck sleeveless blouse in a printed knit. 
--dress--something in blue?  Not sure about this one
--blue capri leggings

All of these will go with all my black neutrals, and with my three pairs of denim pants.  

Dress: my tnt sheath dress in a blue stretch texture cotton
Skirt:  something swirly and blue, and cotton, and full
Top 1: a sleeveless white draped neck shell (Simplicity tnt pattern), made from the same fabric as the front of the swing jacket with the lace back
Top 2:  a sleeveless blue cotton shell, fabric to match the skirt? probably a swing style tunic length top
Top 3:  Something with the asymmetrical shoulder look (I have an old new look pattern that has this look) 

1 layering piece:  Simplicity swing jacket with a lace back, and white knit for the front.  I have seen cardigans similar to this in RTW, and love the idea.

Additional pieces:  I need capris for work, so at least three pairs of capris, with cuffs, in rayon poly lycra, black, blue.  Possibly a pair of blue, black or white leggings to go under the skirts. Since everything I own will go with any of these, I think this will be a great start.

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