December 11, 2012

It is December, and that means swap!

I'm a sucker for swap, it is true.  And this December is no exception--swap is coming!  Planning has started chez the boppings, and on Artisan Square.  This year the concept is two capsules with a linking piece.  I've been toying with two different concepts--one inspired by Eileen Fisher's awesome mix and match clothing, and one called 'Doing it Designer' where I would use all kinds of patterns from different independent designers to create a mix and match wardrobe.  I'm not sure which one is actually winning at the moment, particularly since I have fabric for both, washed and ready to sew.

Option 1:  Doing it Designer,
An exploration of Designer Patterns in a corporate casual lifestyle...

These are the patterns I was thinking about:

Cap Sleeve Top from Loes Hinse, V neck option
Paco Peralta Cowl neck top, or some variation of this idea (but I have this pattern, so I want to try it)

Style Arc Kaite Top
Paco Peralta Cowl top

Style Arc Skinny Jeans

Bilbao Pants, narrow leg

Style Arc Linda Pant

 Linking Piece, coat:
Linking Piece: Paco Peralta Dolman Coat, which looks exactly like this inpiration piece!

I've made wearable muslins of the Loes Hinse patterns, and both of them are a hit.  The Linda Pants, and the Kaite top also have been a hit, and are totally going to work in some way.  But, I haven't tackled the Paco patterns yet, and the coat kind of intimidates me a little. 

For colours, I've been thinking of red, black and grey, with a plum coat, since I have plum coating fabric in the basement fabric store.

Option 2:  Suitcase Sally
An exploration of patterns , inspired by Eileen:

 A lot of the same patterns, but different fabrics, and a totally different vibe.  Teal and Black Rayon Lycra, tiger print blue/black/white knit, some black ponte,  and some dark grey stretch denim.  The left side is for work, the right for play, and the goal is to have it all fit in a carry on suitcase, to go for a quick trip.  Again, I have all the fabric in my basement, washed and ready to go.  I just have to start.

And, I can't decide!  Argh!

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SewRuthie said...

Love both plans. Can you start with something that's in both or could work in both OR is there one which just makes you happy and yopu could imagine having all those clothes in your wardrobe and you are just itching to sew them?