July 2, 2013

Why I love StyleArc Patterns

I love StyleArc Patterns.  Even though they come from half way around the world and they are single sized and they same cost as a Vogue Pattern, I love them. Why?  Because they fit!  And fit is worth the cost and the wait.  I can do the same thing to each pants pattern (shorten the leg 4", tilt the back 1", lower the front 1/2") and they fit.  I don't have to guess.  I don't have to hope they will fit.  They will. They might not have been the best style choice (LOL--having some issues with that at the moment) but they fit. 

To test this out, I just made the Laura Knit Leggings.  I was lazy so I didn't shorten the legs, but I did add the inch at the center back, and lower the front the 1/2" as usual.  I also used wider elastic, which puts the waist slightly lower than the expected spot, which is fine.  And, they fit perfectly. Well, except for the fact I need to shorten the legs 4" because I didn't do that when I started.  Now, I have to admit that leggings are probably not the best 'fashion' choice for my body, but I want exercise wear.  And I'm on a RTW fast, so that means making legging shorts for exercise class.  So, this is my test run pair:

Hmm, Iphone photos are much more challenging than I imagined
and wow, I need to tidy next time!
Laura leggings
Pattern: Laura Knit leggings, size 18.  The pattern includes a couple of length options, but it is really a doll clothes kind of pattern--one piece, sew it up.  When I ordered, I went up one size from my usual size because I am not comfortable with the very very tight look of fashion leggings.  This was a good choice, and something I would do again for a very tight fitting garment.  It does mean that there are wrinkles on the knees because they are looser than the fashion dictates. But, they are comfortable.

Fabric:  1 1/3 y  of  very old stash knit, thick ribbing style.

Notions: Thread, and 28 inches of 1 1/2" elastic for the waistband

Pattern Alterations: I added 1" to the center back rise, and lowered the center front rise 1/2".  Next pair I will also cut 4" off the leg length to make them the correct length.  The pooling is cute, though.

Comments:  I would highly recommend this pattern.  I love the fact that it is 'doll clothes'--as long as you pick the right size, and know the changes you need, the garment will fit.  The leggings are surprisingly comfortable.  Just be careful in your fabric choice, and pick very stretchy fabric, with good recovery.

I will be making these again.  The next pair is going to be some fleece lycra four way stretch, and then I'm making exercise shorts.

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