November 16, 2014

Just a little sewing

The sewing bee is on over at Sewing Pattern review.  I decided to enter, failed to finish my skirt on time, and then decided to go for the sew along part.

This is the result for the sew along for Round two.  Five men's silk shirts (two of them dupioni!) to this:

The lightest blue shirt will end up becoming a tank top, but it isn't finished yet.  The jacket is #518 Fantasia jacket.  It is an expensive pattern, and I love the shape, but it didn't have seam allowances added so I avoided using it for years.  I finally decided to just cut the pattern up and use it  The skirt is Lekala 5088, the free three seam skirt.  If you haven't tried them yet, you should.  It is a perfect fit.   

I didn't have enough shirt to cut the length I needed for the pieces, so the jacket is a little shorter than I want, but I still like it.  The front band is made from the front band of the dark blue shirt.  It means I can button the whole thing up, or wear it open if I want.  I didn't add the optional ties or darts, but I will for the next one. 

I lined the skirt, and used a petrasham waistband because I definitely didn't have enough fabric anywhere to make a full length waist band.  The back of the skirt is the front of a shirt with buttons all the way down.

I have to say that I love this outfit!  It is so comfortable.  My husband would not let me move the cutting board or the pins when we too the pictures. 

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