16 April 2018

Still Fasting, just...

I haven't purchased anything other than fabric, shoes, and purses since January 1 of this year.  I walk three times a week with a friend at the mall and I'm not tempted to purchase clothing.  I'm not even tempted to try anything on so that is good.  I've seen maybe three items in the last three months that interest me enough that I want to try to make them--a pretty white top, an interesting jacket with metal eyelet trim details, and a lace over cotton dress in a fabric I cannot find.  So I'm surviving the fast.

The only problem is that I haven't been sewing, or for that matter, writing.  

The biggest reason is that my rehabilitation post-concussion, and the exhaustion that goes with an improving brain post-concussion, mean more activity.  The activity and the energy that is going into healing has seriously affected my enthusiasm to hide in the sewing room cave.  I'm five and a half months past the accident.   Reading on the computer came back just after New Years but reading books and physical print items didn't come back until the middle of February and I still struggle.  Sewing is actually excellent visual tracking therapy.  I just get tired.

The other big reason is that I've developed some new food sensitivities.  Cooking has taken more time than I expected because I have to make many more things from scratch. I'm putting energy into experimenting with food that I can eat and that doesn't take all day and night to make. I'm sorting through cookbooks (and letting a lot of them go), creating a new master cook book, and figuring out food planning and preparation for the new me.   

It will all balance out eventually. 

I've slowed down my purchasing of everything (even patterns).  I made a deal with myself that I would not buy something unless I could use it within the month and I have no energy to sew.  The only good side of this drought is that I did enough sewing during my Pirates spree that I can comfortably dress myself every day with lots of choices and the vast majority of my options are made by me options.  It is actually hard to even consider trying on clothing when the made by me options fit better and are more comfortable than anything I can purchase ready-to-wear.

I don't know if I will manage to finish my Stitcher's Guild SWAP by the deadline though I will finish it eventually.   I've made two long sleeve shirts in the current 'drop shoulder' style, one in a cool black sparkle print that doesn't photograph, and another in a plum and white stripe.  The jury is still out on that drop shoulder style.  I don't know if it is my age, my height or my curvy body type, but I am not convinced. The sleeveless tops are wonderful. I have fabric for pants; I just haven't gotten farther than taping the pattern together.   I have a pattern for jeans that is as far as purchased but not yet printed.  The fabric is pre-treated and waiting.  Between the huge Facebook Scandal and my lack of energy to read anything, I haven't checked up on everyone else.  I will get there.  It just may take time. 

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SewRuthie said...

Glad you are starting to be able to do more, the sewing will come, the SWAP can wait. Look after yourself!