January 2, 2010


I love the idea of a single word focus for the year. It lets you evaluate all your goals, and simplify your thoughts and ideas.  My touch word this year will be Explore.
  1. explore new horizons, and learn 10 new techniques in knitting, like knitting with thrums, and double knitting
  2. explore a new technique and craft: learn how to crochet, including reading patterns
  3. explore my stash of stuff, and what it can do for me, and what I can do with it, letting go of what isn’t helping me explore the possibilities, and explore the things I can do with what is left.  This is a ten out before a ball or pattern or yard of fabric in kind of goal.
  4. explore a consistent goal of one sweater a month, and the discipline of being focused for a long period of time
  5. explore how to connect with others more often in RL (join a knitting group, have people over to play cards once a month, be part of a community)
  6. explore a healthy lifestyle–including going to the gym, eating more vegetables, and learning how to destress from work, which is really important for me, as I teach middle school children and I prefer little ones
  7. explore life as debt free–work on establishing habits that let my debts decrease, and my life be full without stuff

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