December 30, 2009

Cleaning, and sewing...

So far, I've cleaned out the front hall and the front closet.  It is easy to get rid of stuff that is too small when the youngest can't even get the snow pants over the hips LOL. And, because the youngest is also wanting to make her new toy (a doll house), the basement got cleaned so she could build the house on the basement table.  It was a good thing--but it took a day to do.  Thant makes two car loads of stuff gone from the house.  It doesn't feel like that much, but now the cupboards are holding what they need to hold, and there aren't piles everywhere.   Thank the good lord for my hubbie, who is willing to drive stuff to the good will to get it out of the house.

I've also started sewing my SWAP, except, well, I started with something that may or may not work into the whole thing: a brown stretch velvet cowl neck turtle neck shirt.  Next up is a pair of lined, wool pants.  Between the 30 minutes of sewing a day, and the spring cleaning, I'm doing things slowly but surely. 

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