December 28, 2009

Starting the new year with a tidy house

Every year, we have a New Year's open house.  Normally, we do a stash and dash cleaning job to get ready for the open house.  This year, though, I want to start the year with a clean house for open house.  So, I am working through from the front door around to the left through the whole house doing a spring clean.

Until I found this site, I had no idea how to do a spring clean.  I mean, I know that people spring clean,but I had no idea how to do it.  I particularly like Simple Mom's approach to spring cleaning.  She has a great e-book, which can be printed out and put into a home journal,, but everything is also available on her blog.  essentially spring cleaning   boils down to declutter, clean, organize. 

Or, to be more specific: 

1--take everything out of the space.
2--wipe down the space, and clean it.
3--only put back what you need, and love.
4--actually send the rest away, as in don't just leave those black bags in the hallway, load them into the car and get them out of the house. 

The last step is my personal challenge.  I don't have a problem actually thinning out the space and filling the black bags.  Getting them out of the house, though, that is a challenge.

I may do the 14 week challenge from the first link, since I'm not sure how far I can get in four days, but we will have a jump start on the main floor of the house.   Space one is the front hall, and then I will work around to the left.  The goal is to do a 'car dump run' every single day.  Maybe even two a day.  Thin, black bag or box, and get it out of the house. Maybe even replace our decaying drapes in the front window.  Maybe. 

Here is to a tidy and less overstuffed New Year.

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