December 28, 2009

Shepherds and Angels

A thought came to me Christmas eve, about the angels and shepherds story.  Why did the angels appear to the shepherds? 

I'm not going to get into the literal and mythical issues about the birth stories of Jesus.  If angels appeared, I actually don't think that the angels appeared only to the shepherds of the day.  Given the importance of the event, I think angels probably appeared all over, but in all the clutter and noise of Jerusalem and Bethlehem they could not be heard.   Think of the time: the movement, the noise, the need to find a place to sleep and put all the stuff of travel since everyone was going back to where they were born for the census.  Is it any wonder that there was no quiet, no space, for the angels to be heard?  Not that they didn't sing in Bethlehem, but that their song could not be heard over the clutter and noise of the day.

Sometimes, I think that my life is like that.  Not that God isn't speaking, but that perhaps my life is so cluttered that I can't hear anything over the noise. Time to tidy, thin and make space. 

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