July 26, 2011

Facts, and facing the sewing room...

Has anyone else here found, after looking for a pattern, that they had more than one copy of the same pattern in the same size?  Or, since they can't actually find the pattern, given up and gone out and purchased another one, only to find it on the shelf above the cutting table, ready to trace?  Well, yeah.  This happened in the last two weeks.  Both of these things.  Combined with the 'I cannot sit down anywhere because of the piles of stuff' and I don't want to sew because of the piles of stuff, I have come to two realizations: I have too much, and it is time to thin. 

I hate thinning stuff, but it has to be done because if I don't,  I won't sew.  I refuse to think of it as 'wasted money' (it will bless someone else, I am sure), but it is frustrating to take bags and bags of stuff away from your space that you will never use or sew.  Tastes change over time.  Mine certainly have.  More to the point, my children's tastes, and sizes have changed.  I have thinned five full garbage bags of things like patterns that no longer fit anyone in our house, and are not classic enough to keep for the grandchildren or friends' children sewing, dated books or magazines that really no longer are worth their shelf space.  These will bless someone else, Even fabric got thinned: fabric that is for babies,  or is too small a piece for anyone to use  except a toddler, or simply isn't going to get made by us any time soon.  There are three sewers in my house now, so when a fabric really doesn't make that cut, it needs to go out.  I had three copies of Kwik Sew's sewing for babies; really? I need one copy.  Someone else will enjoy the others, because they are good books. 

(There should be a picture of many boxes and black bags here, destined for our local second hand shop, but I will spare you).

On the sewing front, I have been working on bits and pieces that go together, for my summer blues wardrobe.  I've been trying to do some versions of a pattern for the Sewing Pattern Review One Pattern, Many Looks.  I've been playing with the Silouettes Three Piece Yoga pant pattern, for this.  Some versions are much better than others, lol.  The denim yoga shorts went from my body into the black bag.  They were cool, but just didn't work, even with the fun pockets.  Just not comfortable.  But, I am wearing the black knit city shorts version right now, and they totally work.  From that pattern I have made two pairs of shorts, two pairs of capri pants  and a pair of pants.  I'm going to add a pair of stretch denim pants and a pair of stretch denim city shorts, and then post a review.  But, I am still in picture challenged mode.  Hopefully tonight. 

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