July 27, 2011

Summertime Blues Wardrobe: Finally, some pictures...

Finally, some of the promised pictures.  It all started with this blue ruffled sweater, and just grew.  This is both my Spring and Summer capsules, with a few extras.  I ended up with two sweaters, a jacket, two dresses, three skirts, five tops, as well as a pair of pants, a pair of black capris, and a pair of black city.  No pictures of the pants, yet. 

All of it goes with what I already own, which is black.  Some of it, like the sweaters, are more transitional than summer weight, but when you consider that I started this whole wardrobe in April, that makes sense. 

The ever present Simplicity 2603 drape sweater, made from a ruffled sofa throw.  I had about 9" square left.  No center back seam, and all the edges were preruffled from the throw.

Top: Ballet top, self drafted, cut as a double layered reversible top, edged with serger ruffling.  Skirt is self drafted, and gathered using the ruffler foot on my new serger at a 2:1 ratio.

Top: Simplicity 3566, cut with a 12 for shoulder and length, and a 16 through the body. Finished with a full back facing instead of the turn and topstitch suggested in the pattern.  Skirt: self drafted 12 gore, exterior seaming detail. Fabric was a neat cotton print gauze remnant found at a second hand store.

Dress:  Self drafted Ballet dress, sleeveless.  Fabric is printed rayon jersey; it doesn't have a lot of body, but it breathes.

Dress: Self drafted Ballet dress, sleeveless, with full facing to finish edges.  Fabric is a linen cotton blend that relaxes with wear.  Comfortable, as long as it doesn't get stuffed into the dryer by hubbie, because then it shrinks until it has been worn for a couple of hours.

Jacket: Loes Hinse Bolero, longer length.  Cut XS shoulders and medium body (notice a pattern here); sleeves shortened about 4".  This came out way way more formal than I expected, but it is definitely sharp. 

Top: Sleeveless tie neck blouse, cotton knit of unknown age.  PMB draft, taken in about 4" total because of the stretch of the knit.  Comfortable, but dressier than I expected.

Top: yet another version of the Simplicity top. Lightweight white double knit.  Great pattern. 

Top: yes, another Simplicity top.  Black cotton single knit, of unknown age. 

Skirt: Self drafted 12 gore pull on skirt.  I used all kinds of remnants of bits from the black clothes I have been making for the last 6 months including striped/sheer knit, cut in several directions, rayon poly-lycra crepe, rayon poly lycra stripes, black stretch baby corderoy, black single knit, black rpl double knit, and at least one mystery piece.

Top: white scoop necked tank cut from the ballet dress pattern, double layer on front with cotton stretch lace.  The edging didn't work as well.  I may redo this edge again.

Sweater: Another Simplicity 2603 drape sweater.  This one is white cotton double knit for the front and the sleeves, and white stretch lace for the back.  I finished it with the serger ruffle edging, but I may just take that off again, because it feels like too much on. 

Back of the sweater, shown over the white tank top.  The back is sheer, just the lace.  I thought it was a fun detail; the teenage fashion commentator was not convinced. 


Janis said...

Lovely example of how a great 6 pac (plus) can come together. You will get lots of use from this collection!

Terri K said...

What a great collection! And I second what Janis said. Every piece is super on its own as well.

Thanks for sharing.

shams said...

Very nice! What a clever idea to use a throw to make a cardigan. I love your creativity!

Ruthie said...

Love that ruffled throw cardigan, its worked out fabulously.

Boppingbeth (aka Beth or Elizabeth) said...

Wow. Having looked at all your wardrobes over the years, ladies, these are high complements! Thank you all.

I guess it says something that it was hard to have everything clean for pictures, lol. I wear these clothes, a lot. I'm definitely going to redo the white sweater though; there is just too much 'little ruffle' on it. It is too fussy for my style. I guess that is the nice thing about sewing--you can redo something when it isn't quite right.