August 4, 2011

Faye Skirt--Style Arc Patterns

I've been spending money on patterns.  One of the companies I wanted to try out, based on their positive reviews at Sewing Pattern review are  Style Arc patterns.

I measure exactly their 16 on the bottom, and their 12 on the top.  Pretty unusual.  What I really like about these patterns is that they give you a really great set of measurements for their blocks, including the shoulder width measurements, which is what I usually use to pick an upper body pattern.  So I splurged, and purchased 3 patterns: a shirt, a pair of pull on pants, and a tshirt pattern.  The bonus was the Faye skirt pattern. When they arrived today, I just had to try out the skirt pattern. Based on this one, I'm giving these patterns a two thumbs up rating.  Give them a try. 

Faye Skirt, Style Arc
pull on elastic waist skirt, intended to be made out of stretch jersey

Pattern Sizing:  Style arc patterns come one size.  I used a  16, exactly as measured, with no modifications to pattern

Fabric and Notions:
1.5 m black cotton lycra jersey
34" 1/2" elastic
I have no idea when I purchased this fabric, but I think it is at least 10 years old. 

Garment photo: goes here when the photographer finally gets around to it.

Pattern alterations or design changes: This was my first try with these patterns, so I left everything well enough alone.  I wanted to see how this block fit, and I figured that if the pattern didn't fit, the fabric was so old that it didn't matter if it was a wader.  Good thing I like the fabric I used though, because it fits perfectly. 

Does it look like the pattern photo? Oh yeah, it does.  It is quite long on me, but it looks like the picture. 

Likes or Dislikes about the garment? Other than the fact that it is long by a couple of inches (not unexpected; I am only 5'1" and I'm sure these are drafted for someone around 5'6"), I love the skirt.  It is comfortable and stretchy.  I will make it again, for sure, but I will shorten the pattern by taking out a 2" pleat at the hemline notch mark, to make it my perfect length.

Comments about the pattern:
Style Arc patterns are industrial patterns.  They are printed with whole front and whole back pieces, instead of expecting you to cut something out on the fold.  They have industrial standards for seam allowances and hems, in this case 1cm.   They come in sleeve protectors, which I really like since I store my traced off patterns in sleeve protectors in binders, with the image of the garment, the suggested amounts to purchase,  a small sample of the suggested fabric, and really basic sewing instructions.   

The advantage of the pattern is that it fits exactly the way it says it is going to fit, if you use the suggested fabric.  The disadvantage is that you need to have a pretty good idea of how to sew things together, since some of the terms used in the instructions aren't common ones in the North American home sewing market.   Instructions are often overrated, so fit is way more important to me than instructions, but I would have liked a better instruction on how to put the elastic inside the skirt so that the elastic doesn't show, as in the picture.  My elastic shows; it isn't bad, but it isn't the cute hidden elastic in the pattern.

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