August 8, 2011


I was poking around for inspiration for my 6 pack (well, given my sewing habits, I would say my 6 pack will end up being more like a 6 pack plus 3), and found this jacket on Madeline.  This online shop is a vintage shop that is wonderful fun to poke through--the best of the best of designer clothing.  If you are into decades, there is something here for you. 

And I think this jacket just might end up as the inspiration piece for my 6 pack.  I can see this one being made from Loes Hinse Bolero's Multiples pattern, in a nice brown wool, lined with bemburg.  The belt would be inserted into the waist of the the inset collar.  With interesting buttons, and a belt piece, this would be a really fun jacket.  Off to plot in the aging stash!  

Line drawing for the Boleros Multiples Jacket; View C in the shorted length

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