January 23, 2012

An update, and a hat:

Well, this year I'm going to try doing weekly updates.  Sometimes I might even manage it!

This week's update is brought to you by a hat, specifically a hat to go with these mittens.
Double stranded worsted, knit on 6mm needles (windproof!, even when made of Bernat Super Value yarns).  The pattern, written in two sizes, is here.
But, I could not find a hat pattern that matched them.  (Seriously?  No one has ever made a hat pattern?).  My prototype is slightly too tall for my head, ( did 4 full pattern repeats, but only neede 3)  so the pattern I've written here takes that adjustment into account.

Newfoundland Adult Hat Pattern in Bulky:

Supplies Needed:
6mm needles, dp and circulars if desired.
Bulky weight yarn (or doubled worsted weight).  approx 100 yds bulky in MC, and 80 yds bulky in CC.
Note: Hat as pictured took about 200 yards of worsted in black, held doubled, and about 140 yards of yellow worsted held doubled.  Since this is a stash project, I was not as picky with the amounts, so your mileage may vary. 

Cast on 72 stitches, and join in a circle being careful not to twist yarns when joining.  K1 P1 rib (or desired rib pattern to match mittens) for 2" or desired length.  For a fold up brim of just ribbing, I would suggest 4", but this is up to you.

On the last ribbing round, increase one stitch every 8 stitches around by kfb.  (*Kfb, rib 7* around row).  Totals should be 84, which is a multiple of 6 stitches; adjust as needed during purl rows).

Pattern in round:
row 1, 2 : with mc, purl

row 3, 4, 5, 6: *k4 contrast, slip 2 as if to purl*
note: carry mc up inside hat, so that the bar is not seen.
row 7, 8: with mc, purl
row 9, 10, 11, 12: *k1 contrast, slip 2 mc as if to purl, k3* repeat around

Repeat rows 1-12 three times (or desired depth).  End with rows 1 and 2 before beginning hat decreases:

Decreases: Using MC:
row 1: *k10, k2tog*
row 2 and all alternate rows: k
row 3: *k9, k2tog*
row 5: *k8, k2tog*
row 7: *k7, k2tog*
row 9: *k6, k2tog*
row 11: *k5, k2tog*
row 13: *k4, k2tog*
row 15: *k3, k2tog*
row 17: *k2, k2tog*
row 19: *k1, k2 tog*
row 21: k2tog, around row.  Break yarn, and draw through all stitches.  Fasten off.

Finish hat with a pompom using both colours.

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