February 1, 2012

Weekly check in and a proud of me moment!

 (Warning, long picture free blog post ahead.  Don't say that I didn't warn you.) 

Today, I took the difficult but necessary step to look at my finances.  If we ever want to purchase a house, I have to get things back under control, and the first step is to figure out why the month is so much shorter than the money.  Because it is currently much sorter than the money, and it should not be. 

So, step one: try and log into phone bill.  Be unable to log in to phone bill.  Give up after cursing at computers, phones and all manner of things, and call phone company to get them to help me reset what ever I need to reset so that I can actually see my bill from cell phone.

I love my phone company, Telus.  I've been with them nearly ten years, and they have always been great.  The only time I have ever been irritated with them in the last ten years has been when we tried to separate out my daughter's phone from ours, but that is a whole other story.  I am not a high volume user of phones but I do text, and I love my phone.  When I could finally get online to look at my bill, my lovely customer service representative, Monica, looked at my bill, and announced that I was seriously paying too much for what I was using and that she needed to fix this. How often do you get customer service people like this working for a phone company? 

So, with a little bit of time, and a lot of patience on her part, which included her calling me on the land line so I could look up a phone number I was calling frequently (seriously? I don't even recognize the number!) on my phone, we got it all sorted out.  My bill has gone down by 2/3, I have caller ID, and since I also paid them much more than needed last month, I don't need to pay them for a little while.  A long little while.  A full HPKC term long little while.  (Yes, that would be nearly three months.  Go me!)  No wonder the month is a little shorter than the money.  If you pay three months worth of bills after Christmas, the month is going to be shorter than the money. 

Onto the important stuff:

Jacob James was born on the 21st.  5lbs 5oz tiny and about 3 weeks early, just like both of his cousins.  Needless to say, we've been focused on baby, not house, home, or other stuff.  Baby!  Squeeee!

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