February 4, 2012

Pomodoro, or how to master the marking and report card challenges

This week, I faced reality.  My marking bucket was more of a marking graveyard (does anyone else's get that way?) and I was having trouble facing the 'gigantic green basket'.  So, I decided to apply two things I had heard on different podcasts and start facing the music and dealing with the stuff.  Not just school stuff, but report cards are due in a week, so they are the highest priority right now.

First, on the Knitpicks podcast, I heard about the Pomodoro technique.  Essentially, in the easiest form, it is focus on a job from a list for 25 minutes, take a 5 minute break.  There is, of course, way more to it than just that little description, including a book and sheets and lots of other issues (like, staying on task, dealing with interruptions, making your time efficient, and lots of other stuff), but I wanted to see if it would help me get through my marking bucket. It did.  I accomplished 7 pomodoros today, and all that is left is the pop-up books.  I can do this; I'm estimating they will take another two pomodoros tomorrow, which I can definitely manage if I work on them between church and the super bowl party. 

I also started working on a 'Worry Journal', something I heard about from Cogknitive.  This is a book that you write down all the stuff that is worrying you, and all the things you are doing about the stuff that is worrying you, or the steps you need to take to deal with the stuff worrying you.  Essentially it is a fantastic journal to keep track of all that stuff you have to do, eventually. Then you do what you need to do from your list, and write everything into your book.  Everything.   I love it.  I am keeping track of my list.  I am getting stuff done.  I am accomplishing things. 

And, more importantly, I am not totally exhausted while doing it. 

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Ruthie said...

Like the idea of the Pomodoro Technique :-) thanks for the link.