July 13, 2012

A 'new' approach to sewing...

Seriously, this is not a 'new' approach to sewing, but a tried and true approach that I haven't tried before, so it is new for me.  Why it is new for me I am not sure.  I've been sewing for a really long time. I've drafted my own slopers and patterns and made custom wedding dresses.  You would think that I had figured this one out before (!!) but I actually haven't tried it. 

There is a  'new' contest running on Pattern Review--the Pattern stash contest. I am going to enter this contest (again).  If you haven't heard of it, the rules are pretty simple: pick a pattern you haven't used that is older than 6 months in your stash.  Make it, review it, enter it.  One point per pattern--she/he with the most points wins, and there is a random draw, too, for those who didn't make the most patterns. So, has anyone seen my pattern cupboard?  When our local Fabricland moved out of the mall, I bought one of their pattern drawer files, and now it is nearly full.  I think it is time to sew something up.  Something! Anything!  It goes with my fabric stash of insanity, which needs to be sewn down to the point it fits on the huge shelves.

But this time, I am going to use my Sure-Fit blueprint to actually fit those patterns to me, so I don't have as many waders as normal (at least for fit--style is another question altogether).  If you haven't tried this system, it is definitely worth looking at.  I've used it for me (petite and pear, but a European 42), for my MIL (14 on top, 28 on bottom), my SIL (18 on top 28 on bottom, but a very different shape) and my other SIL (18 all the way darlhing!) and it has worked for all of us.  Pants that fit, whoohooo. It is kind of like doll clothes for people--measure, connect the dots, sew it up, make tiny changes.  The service is excellent, and the product has been around for many years, but I think it has been under-used. I haven't used the dress kit, so I am going to count that for one of my untried patterns, but I have faith that it will work for me since the pants and shirt kit both worked for me. 

I am not taking courses this summer, so I have time.  I certainly have enough stash to sew stuff up and get it off the floor.  And, if nothing else, I will get some new clothes out of the deal.   

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