December 8, 2008

Creating a Wardrobe with challenge

Swap has started (check it out on Artisan's square). I am thrilled Stitcher's guild is continuing with the Swap Contest tradition, started by Timmel fabrics (no longer in business, sadly). Each year, Timmel would have a Swap contest and add a twist. One year it was to include a reversible garment. Last year it was to create 3 different garments from one wardrobe pattern (that one was Hard! I was surprised how hard). This year, you have 6 months to make 11 garments: 6 tops, 4 bottoms and a jacket. (No dresses this year, unless it works as a top). Everything has to work together, and the jacket has to go with it all. This year's twist: your clothes have to fit your life and your body, as it is right now. Think: a week in the life of....

My challenge isn't to create a wardrobe in 6 months (LOL!!). One year, I made a full swap wardrobe, including embroidery, in 48 hours. 6 months is almost too long for me. My challenge is to get out of the 'really easy and fast to sew' box that I've lived in all my life, and try to include some more interesting and different techniques and ideas in my swap sewing. I am an intermediate sewer. I can do some more advanced techniques, but I don't enjoy the couture hand sewing that often goes with Advanced sewing. Now, my challenge is to stop making everything the same, and to try something new. And since I want to see the sewing room floor by 2009, it is time to sew.

I have a pattern stash that nearly fills a pattern drawer unit. I have an embroidery machine--and a whole bunch of discs. And a lot of threads. And, all the stabilizer I need. I have shiva sticks, and have only used them once. When I won the stash sewing contest, I got some really interesting items that I need to use, including fibre etch. I have a number of different computer programs, including a quilting program that is fascinating. I have design imagination, and sewing pattern drafting knowledge. But, when do I actually force myself to go through the process of using it all? When have I experimented with all this new stuff? When have I worked my way through making it all work together lately?

So, my personal challenge with endless combinations and swap this year is this: to use a new technique, a new patterns, or new and challenging fabrics with each garment I sew.

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