December 31, 2008

Goals for the year?

It is December 31--the last day of the Endless Combinations Sew along...and time to review last year's goals, and renew/change a few of my own. In the spirit of the many bloggers in blogland and elsewhere, I thought I would put down some ramblings about my goals for 2009.

1. To see the floor of the sewing room by the end of 2009--this means much more stash sewing than stash accumulation! I'm thinking 10 out for every yard in, but that might be too high a goal. Maybe empying at least 2 bolts a month??

2. To play more with different techniques and things. One new technique a month should be good.
My current list of things to try includes:
  • using the computer programs I have, like EQ6 and Wild Ginger (assorted programs!)
  • drafting using the CAD program on Wild Ginger
  • exploring EQ6 applique (there is a ducky quilt in there for my youngest, just waiting to be created, I am sure--and I have the book)
  • using the embroidery machine!
  • trying out different fibre techniques like cutwork, fibre etching, and thread painting (on garments, and on quilts)
  • exploring dying fabric
  • spinning (hmm--another way to accumulate stash....maybe not such a good idea)
  • creating different styles of dolls, with different jointing techniques and armatures
3. To balance the budget! (Self explanatory, I think).

4. To exercise regularly. I really liked the idea that another blogger had: for every hour of moving the body, I can spend $10 on my fibre hobbies. Since I belong to the gym, this shouldn't be hard to do--but....we will see.

I think this year should focus more on process than production. Last year--I accumulated and I produced! I accumulated lots of different 'techniques' books to play with, and I sewed a lot of fabric. This year, I want to play while I produce. Or, at least, attempt to play while I produce.

Stash I come.

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