December 30, 2008

The year in review:

As I review 2008, I realized something. This blog really isn't about knitting (or at least, not just knitting), or about sewing, or about doll making. It is about all of those things put together--the explorations of a fibre fashionista. So, in honour of reality, I have edited my blog name.

2008 was the year of change.

On the sewing front:

1. I completed the very last Timmel Swap! This was a huge 'stick to it' project for me. Not everything has stood the test of time, but more of it has than not. I still wear the black pants, and white shirt every month.

2. I won the stash contest at PR in July--with a lot of sewing. 151 m fabric sewn in two months. Lots of garb, lots of clothes. Not a lot of blogging.

3. I upgraded to PMB4, and got a good pair of pants in two mock-ups--this is a record. I have made many pairs of pants since then.

4. I did an entire year of 'stash diet'--and got very close to parity. Not quite under, but very close. Still aiming to see the sewing room floor, but not by 2009 at the rate I'm going. It is better, though.

5. I learned to make 'interior button jointed' dolls. Love Judy Ward doll patterns!

6. I completed the 'Inspired by' Contest and made a Kohr-inspired dress, using a whole number of new sewing techniques.

7. I managed my first contest on PR--the endless combinations contest. This one finishes in two days. I learned a lot, and hopefully will be able to manage another one in the future.

8. I completed 19 garments (so far) in my endless combinations sew along. Each of them included a challenge--a new pattern, a new/challenging fabric, or a new embellishment technique. Although the actual contest will finish in two days, my sew along will probably not finish until March. This kind of sewing is really inspiring to me, and has helped me really stretch my sewing muscles. A few of my garments will become foundation garments for my Artisan's Square Swap.

On the home front:

1. My oldest ran for the first time since she broke her femur (a year ago Thanksgiving) in May. She had a non-contact fragility fracture, and most of this year has been physiotherapy and doctor's appointments. She has been cleared (at least temporarily) of osteoporosis, but there remains a possibility she will develop early onset osteo, so swimming and gym are in all of our immediate futures. She no longer needs a cane, and mostly doesn't walk with a limp. 'May Musical Madness' (our church music celebration) was the first time I saw her run since the accident.

2. My youngest started grade 8, turned 13, and got braces and a boyfriend. Can we say: teenager?

3. I began to focus on developing really good classroom management skills, something that will hopefully reduce my stress level at work, and make it possible for me to continue the job with glee for another 25 years. I completed two courses this summer, as well.

4. Music: Piano, choirs, and organ lessons became my 'out of school parenting' life. It is kind of like being a hockey mom, without all the other parents to chatter with at the arena (or drive for you when you are tired). Three nights a week we are out of the house at lessons or choirs.

5. My husband finished his CGA and officially received his designation in March, after 5 years in school. I think he has more degrees than I have, now. LOL.

6. My oldest started grade 12, and is making plans for the rest of her life--hopefully Ontario College of Art and Design will be in her future, as that is where her talents and skills lie.

7. Nicole, not Patricia, was in a play--not just one play, but two plays! This is a major role reversal. Patricia was back stage for one of those plays; I also did some costume polishing and costume work for the local little theatre.

8. The Ringing Link, our national bell choir conference, occured in June--and was a huge success. My husband was part of the planning committee for the last two years, and it was a relief to get to the end. Both Lloyd and Nicole attended. The next one--all four of us will attend. Yes, I have been talked into adding another 'hobby'. It is a family thing--everyone, but me, plays handbells in my family.

All in all, it was a very full year!

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